Hey! I’m Khamani Fox. They call me the new coach on the block as I have a mere 2 years coaching experience under my cleats. Don’t let my lack of coaching years intimidate you, for where I lack in experience I make up with knowledge, enthusiasm a willingness to learn and sheer nerve. Convinced to ride with me yet?! Maybe not! So here’s some additional information about me.

I’m a registered nurse working in the community and a full time mom to a gingerheaded boy.
I’m bold, creative, loaded with a deep love for wellness, food, fashion, beauty, the ocean and all things green and sustainable.

I believe one of the keys to life is to live in a state free of disease, injury and stress. To live in a such a way in Bermuda can be easier said then done. However, riding with me at Streaker’s Spinning Studio can put you one step closer to your wellness goals!

So on that note, grab your sneakers or cleats and meet me at Beast for a soul energizing experience. Be warned, I do pack a punch!!!

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