My name is Michaele (Mickey) Parfitt-Smith. I am 38 years old, mother of 3, health, wellness and fitness enthusiast and trainer. My love of fitness is what lead me to Streaker’s. I was invited by one of my Bermuda Carnival committee members and I’ve been here ever since!

I’ve always had a love for exercise and fitness, as well as cooking/experimenting in the kitchen with different foods. Over time, I began a more holistic journey in health and wellness, paying attention to mind, body and soul in everything I do. I am also a personal trainer, however my focus is to use personal training as a tool for mental health in the community.

I fell in love with spinning when I came to Streaker’s. The atmosphere and energy were amazing, and it kept me coming back. So much so, that I became Streaker’s newest instructor!

After months of hard work with Dwayne “Streaker” Adam’s being my mentor throughout my training, I was able to obtain my spinning certification and now I’m on the path to success and becoming one of Streaker’s main instructors. I am a junior instructor and I am still growing, but I give an awesome class, and the great thing is…they will only keep getting better!

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